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External shunt module

DPA-3015 DPA-3016 DPA-3018
60V, 50A 60V, 100A 60V, 200A

Ease of use with DPM-3321
Polycarbonate casing with finned grills
5m waterproof sensing cable
High precision shunt
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This series of precision external shunt modules are especially designed and made for easy installation and use with our DPM (Digital Power Meters). Only 3 hard wire connections (including 2 at the terminal block) are required to complete the installation.
The shunt module comes with a 5M water proof Kelvin-4 sensing cable ,a connector- set at the shunt end and a RJ-11 jack configured for use with our Digital Power Meters.
We select 50mV Manganin shunts because they have half the resistance thus generate less heat than the common 100mV shunts. Power (Heat) = I sq x R . Hence for the same operating condition and ambient temperature a 50mV shunt has better stability and accuracy than 100mV shunts.
But 50mV shunts require meters with higher sensitivity for the same full scale deflection.

The Shunt Module consists of a Manganin shunt strip which is housed in a removable Polycarbonate casing with finned grills, the terminal block is equipped with solid brass & nut with spring washer assembly.
All our current are calibrated at 0.5% accuracy at standard ambient temperature of 25°C. The typical temperature drift is 0.004% per °C change.
Note: For continuous operation at ambient temperature of 25°C with good circulation of air around the uncased shunt strip, 60% rated current value is recommended.
That is in continuous operation; 200A shunt is good for 120A, 100A is good for 60A and 50A is good for 30A. All the shunts can take the rated current value for short instance of time depending from seconds to minutes depending on the operating temperature and the temperature of working shunt.
The maximum operating temperature of the shunt strip is 90°C to ensure within specification performance. The shunt strip will be damaged permanently at operation temperature over 120°C.

Rated Voltage: 60VDC
Rated Current: 200A
Voltage Drop at Rated Current 50mV
Resistance 0.00025 ohm
Calibrated Accuracy @ 25ºC 0.5%
Temperature drift coefficient 0.004% per ΔºC
Continuous Loading Current 120A
Continuous Loading Current from ten seconds to minutes 200A
Maximum Operating Temperature of Shunt Strip 90ºC
Operating Temperature that damages Shunt Strip 120ºC
Casing in polycarbonate and terminal block in solid brass bolt & nut with spring washer Yes
Overall Dimensions of Shunt Module (LxWxH) 154x42x54.5 mm
Net Weight of Shunt Module 266g

Supplied accessories : 5M Kelvin 4 water proof cable with screw lock connector & RJ-11 jack at other end ready to use with our (DPM-3321 Digital Power Meter)


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