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Green Manufacturing

We continue to take various positive steps to Green Manufacturing in energy conservation, waste & carbon dioxide emission reduction , adhering to the latest RoHS materials and QC080000 code of practice.

In the energy conservation and decrease of carbon dioxide , solar heating water has been used with gas fired for canteen and dormitory hot water use . Solar lighting are used in factory ground such as front gate , rest area around the garden , and LED lights for the community area. In the work shop and production floor energy saving lights are used.

We employed the Recycle Burn In Chamber (RBC) for the most energy consumed process in our manufacturing ,with the RBC the part of electricity used in burn in of products is recycled back to the grid , and also reduce cooling cost of the factory floor as well. About 20 to 30% reduction in total carbon dioxide emission.

We have been replacing our linear mode power supply series by the highly efficient switching mode power supplies .
Our new product development criteria is moving towards greener products in terms of Eco design for reuse , easy recycle and higher power conversion efficiency to meet the latest DOE ,CEC & ErP.