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12V 40A Professional lithium battery charger

One Set Button intuitive programming for Charger and DC source Mode.
The programmable charger design for Lithium base batteries with constant monitoring of the battery state so that it can be connected to the battery at all times.
Selectable for Lithium Ion group (NMC, NVA, LCO, LMO) and LiFePo4 type battery or DC Source Mode.
Soft Start charging to ensure gentle initial charging of deeply depleted batteries and charger will return to normal charging once battery state of charge picks up.
10%/ 25%/ 50%/ 100% Max Charging Current selections allow an optimal charging current for a wider range of battery capacities.

4 Stage Charging Profile

Battery Type Batt. Volt V-Low Batt. Volt V-Normal Bulk/ Absorption V Float V (ON) Recycle V level
Lithium Ion 12V/ 24V: 10.2V/ 23.8V 10.8V/ 25.2V 12.6V/ 29.4V 12.2V/ 27.2V 10.8V/ 25.2V
LiFePO4 12V/ 24V: 12.6V/ 23.2V 12.8V/ 23.6V 14.6V/ 29.2V 13.8V/ 27.0V 12.8V/ 23.6V

The maximum time period for Absorption Charge or end of Boost Charge prevents abnormal or faulty batteries continuously drawing current from the charger under high voltage condition.
The Float Charge can be set to ON/ OFF to cover various BMS (battery management system) and operating conditions of the battery.
Thermo fan cooling and works with supplied battery temperature sensor for high temperature limiting charge current to 3A at 60°C
self recoverable when temperature returns to about 45°C.
Low Temperature Protection : at minus 2°C charge current drops to 3A and returns to normal at minus 0.5°C.

The DC Source Mode
Output Voltage adjustable from 10.6V to 14.6V by 1 volt step & 0.1volt step.
Max Output Current adjustable by 10%/ 25%/ 50%/ 100%.

Construction, Protection and Additional Features

  • Standard version single output , double output is also available.
  • Anodized Aluminum housing with Polycarbonate end caps.
  • Optimal Power Conversion Efficiency 92%
  • Short Circuit Protection self recoverable
  • Fused reverse polarity protection
  • Supplied with remote battery temperature sensor
  • Thermo fan from zero to full speed .

WiFi or Bluetooth Connectivity:
Only for models with preinstalled optional WiFi or Bluetooth feature.
Available APP via Android or Apple phone; Output Voltage, Current, Charging Status, Battery type select or Power Supply Mode are displayed on the phone.

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12V to 12V 110A in-car charger for Lead and LFP batteries

Optimal Efficiency 92% with Digital Control
The high power conversion efficiency allows quiet and cooling running of the charger and can provide continuous full load
operation at 40°C ambient temperature. 

Designed to cover old and new types of car alternators
The SBC-6111 are designed to address to the issues of wide swing of output voltages from the smart alternator, braking regenerative EURO 5/6 vehicles in fully charging the house battery. They are also suitable for use with distant house battery. The charger Booster provides fast safe charging profiles for 4 types of lead based and 2 types of Lithium FePO4 batteries.

Multistage Charging
This is a select (battery type) and forget charger designed for fast accurate and safe recharge of your deep cycle house battery banks. The (digital control) smart multistage charging enables the charger to be connected permanently to your battery banks without the worry of over charging or drying out the electrolyte.

Lead acid based Battery
A 3 Stage Bulk, Absorption & Float charging profile for 4 types of lead acid based battery with maximum constant charging current at the Bulk Stage and a Constant Voltage with decreasing charging at the Absorption Stage and a reduced voltage Float Charge for maintenance when battery is full.

LiFePO4 (LFP) Battery
A 2 Stage charging is specially for 2 types LiFePO4 battery and charging current stops at the end of Absorption stage. 

Three charge control methods:

Ignition Control: Charger starts charging only when ignition is on and stops charging when Ignition is off.
This is the recommended control as it is safer and allows for large input voltage range.

Input Voltage Control: This is for non-intelligent or older type alternators with sufficient high & uniform voltage.
Charging is cut off easily due to high threshold voltage to protect the starting battery.

Vibration Sensor Control: Charger starts charging when repeated vibrations are detected and stops charging when no vibration is detected for over 2 minutes.
The built-in vibration sensor makes it possible to use the charger by just connecting to the starter terminal without touching the car’s electrical/electronic wiring thus avoiding any possible excuse for revoking the car’s warranty.


  • 1600Watt power conversion efficiency >90%.
  • 6 selective charging profiles suitable for charging for the most lead acid & Lithium FePO4 batteries.
  • Supplied with a remote Battery temperature sensor to ensure precise and safe charging in large temperature variation.
  • 3 types of operation control to choose for specific situation.
  • Alarm signal (fault or not charging) available to integrate with your system.
  • Thermostatically speed control Fan.
  • Protections:
    • Self recoverable Input under Voltage protection.
    • Self recoverable Input over Voltage protection.
    • Self recoverable Output over Voltage protection.
    • Self recoverable Overcurrent protection.
    • Self recoverable Charger over temperature protection.

Remote battery temperature sensor
Bundled remote battery temperature sensor allow the charger monitor battery temperature and automatically compensate the charging voltage according to battery temperature. It protect the battery by cut off output of charging whenever battery temperature are too high or drop below -10°C.

Optional remote control SDR-5100
SDR-5100 remote control is remote panel for Manson chargers. It can be used to monitor charger status and configure the charger. It come with a 4m length cable for you to connect the charger to the car panel.  In additional to monitoring and configure the charger, SDR-5100 enable two user define setting for SBC-6111. You can set two customized charging profiles for your battery.

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Remote programming lab. grade power supply with waveform generator

This KPS series of switching mode remote programming power supplies provide power test wave forms from the versatile 10 Step generator which can simulate common test conditions for electronic devices. In addition to the supplied USB communication interface, an optional Ethernet interface card allows users to configure, control, or monitor basic power supply settings over the internet. KPS uses SCPI (Standard Commands of Programmable Instruments) syntax for easy system integration with test equipment.

4-digits display provide 10mV and 10mA resolution.

Three user adjustable presets of voltage and current values can be saved for quick recall from the front panel buttons. User adjustable upper voltage and current limits make it extra safe for delicate and sensitive test piece.
Output On-Off button and the Key Lock button allow safe and convenient operation.

Analogue Remote Control of voltage, current and Output On-Off provide additional flexibility in the control of the power supply. It is ideal for laboratory, university, work shop, production, quality control and advanced DIY applications.

This family of KPS laboratory programmable power supplies has 5 series: 180W, 360W, 480W, 640W and 960W. All have 4 digit voltage and current LCD displays starting from min. 1V and zero Amp. Resolutions: 10mV and 10mA. Universal input for low power models.

  • Remote Programmable via USB or LAN(with optional LAN Card).
  • On housing 10 Steps Waveform generator with cycle periods running.
  • 4 digits Voltmeter and Ammeter.
  • 3 user defined V & I panel presets for frequent use.
  • User adjustable upper voltage and current limits.
  • Output On-Off and Key Lock button.
  • Standard Commands of Programmable Instruments (SCPI) command syntax.
  • Analogue Remote Control of V, I & output On-Off without computer.
  • Rotary encoder knob with definitive action of fine and coarse tuning.
  • Smart cooling fan speed control from zero to full speed.
  • Self diagnostic check on LED display and cooling fan on start up.
  • Isolated ground , Active PFC & high power efficiency.
  • Universal AC input.
  • Over load, Tracking Over Voltage Protections.
  • Constant Current limit setting with output open circuit
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12V 30A professional battery charger

This pro charger is designed for applications that demand adaptive charging for Lead Acid based and LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries. Battery with and without load can be connected to the charger all the time and the charger will keep on monitoring the battery. Smartphone apps for remote monitoring charger status for Bluetooth version charger.

Adaptive Charging Management
Different charging profiles are implemented for different types of battery. 
Lead Acid Battery

There are 5 Stage Charging for LEAD ACID based batteries namely: Soft-Start/ Bulk/ Absorption/ Float/ Standby

Advantage of 5 stage charging

  • Soft-start for deeply depleted battery. This mode automatically start when battery voltage is less then 12V
  • Fully charge the battery with Absorption mode
  • Maintain a fully charged battery
  • Energy conversation in standby stage
  • Reduce grid corrosion with Standby mode

A special charge algorithm and treatment for Lithium Ion Phosphate (LFP) batteries to ensure safe and optimal charging adaptive to the special chemistry of the battery which is quite different to Lead Acid battery. 

Advanced features

  • 7 days self recycle charge of standby mode
  • Manual equalization charge for LEAD battery

Sophisticated housing design

  • Maximize protection by robust anodized Aluminum body completed with Poly carbonate end caps.
  • Effective temperature control variable speed fan with balance between cooling and quite operation.
  • Front exhaust design to minimize the possibility of water drop go inside casing. 
  • Easy replacement of FUSE

Ease of operation design

  • 7 LED with 4 dual mode plus 3 for indications of charging status and battery selection.
  • Single Set Button Setting with intuitive setting procedure
  • Bluetooth version charger allows for remote monitoring of charging status of battery on smartphones by using apps. The apps can be downloaded from Appstore or Google Play.

Noiseless operation

  • 8 hour sleep mode keep the charger under noiseless operation until your sleep
  • Always half power mode for noiseless operation
  • Use to charging of smaller size battery

Support charging Battery with load connected
A load can be connected to the battery during charging as long as the load is not larger than the rated output of the charger.
The charger can be used to power up dc load when not connected to battery.

Battery Temperature sensing support

Bundled battery temperature sensor used for temperature compensated charging and battery protection

  • Charging voltage auto-adjust according temperature change
  • Shutdown charging when battery temperature over 60ºC


  • Charger over temperature protection
  • Output short circuit protection.
  • Output reversed polarity protection with thermal fuse.

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