Solar enabled 12/24VDC In-Car Charger for 12V Battery



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SBC-5926 is a solar enabled 3 Stage DC-DC charger with 9 to 32 Volt input range and 3 selections of charging profile for Lead/AGM/LiFePO4 battery. The specific charging profile will give your selected battery type a safe, fast and complete charge. The wide input voltage range allows 12V or 24V system to charge your 12V auxiliary battery which can be installed at long distance from the starting battery as in trailer / caravan. When the unit is set at automatic ignition control mode, charging will stop when car’s ignition is turned off. The advanced micro-processor control and hardware based protections will give timely input low voltage cut off to protect your starting battery from going flat in addition to the protections listed. The wide input voltage range and the smart protections take care of the issue due fluctuating alternator voltage control in the green ECU (Engine Control Unit)

Solar enabled

3 Stage Charge for Lead/AGM battery and 2 stage charge for LiFePO4 battery.

Wide (9-32 V) input range designed for any 12 or 24V car, 4WD, lorry, coach, caravan electrical system.

Auxiliary battery can still be fully charged efficiently at long distance from charger.

Factory Preset Automatic Ignition Control to stop charging when ignition is off.

User Preset for manual On-Off of charging as well.

Low Voltage Cut Off Protection for starting battery.

Self Recoverable Input Under Voltage Protection.

Input Over Voltage Protection (>33V) by thermal fuse.

Self Recoverable Over Temperature Protection.

Self Recoverable Over Load Protection (C.C.) with constant current at decreased output voltage.

Self Recoverable Wrong (Input/Output) Polarity Protection

Supplied accessory Remote LED Indicator Module showing:

Battery voltage level (when no load connected to battery) or Output Voltage Level

Bulk/ Absorption/ Float Charging Stage for Lead Acid battery types

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