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A dual battery isolator that can be customized to match your vehicle's application and usage. The power system combination of alternator (charging voltage), type and size of main battery, second battery and loading usage are numerous. This isolator features the fine tuning of key voltages and delay time set points and the monitoring of voltage of each battery to provide the maximal charging and protection to the second battery and the system. The full solid state, Mosfet based, Microprocessor Controlled, Dual battery isolator is designed to give optimal charging to your second battery. The reliable Mosfet switching has minimal voltage loss even at high current resulting much less generated heat than diodes based isolators. Microprocessor Controlled circuit provides accurate monitoring and finer tuning of voltage set points, delay timer settings and fail safe protection and alert functions.

120 Amp continuous and 500Amp peak for 5sec@10% duty cycle

Supplied with a Remote LED module with Override

Crisp LED display for:

- Switch status: On connect or Off disconnect

- Combined voltage

Checking of Main and Second battery voltage separately

Checking of System and Faults status

Adjustable Voltage set point range: 9.0 to 16.0V by 0.1V step

Adjustable Delay time set range: 1 to 250 seconds

Operating temperature range: -20°C to +60°C

Conditional manual over-ride (connect) mode for a safe boost starting