12 / 24VDC 40A Programmable PV Charge Controller



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This controller is designed for the discerning users who want to have more say in the controls of charging profile, load programs, battery disconnect & reconnect settings specifically fine tuned for their solar systems. The 4 buttons and LCD allow instant monitoring of status of the solar system and easy set up and reviews of all control parameters. There are 15 intuitive sets of user adjustable and select settings which cover battery types, charge voltages, absorption time, EQ charge, voltage and delay time of LVD, voltage of LVR, 2 night light and 2 day light load program and etc. A modular RJ-45 port is available for remote trigger signal or on-off control an alarm or other external device such switching on/off a charger or an inverter with reference to the status of LVD or load program of the charge controller. The added battery remote voltage sensing terminal provides accurate and safe charging and allow longer battery leads to controller. The Remote Battery Temperature Senior provides real time monitoring of battery temperature for the controller to proactive compensate of charging voltage. That intelligently prevents over charging and under charging due to seasonal temperature change. The USB charging port (with selection for Apple or Android based smart phones, tablets) provides a 5V and up to 800mA charging to mobile electronic devices.

12 / 24V, 40A system selection

LCD (with on-off back light) shows all power status of solar, charging & load status in one display.

3 Stage charging plus Equalization for wet battery, PWM regulation for Absorption & Float charge

Adjustable charging profile, LVD voltage & delay time, LVR voltage, 2 Night Light and 2 Day Light load programs

Remote trigger or on/off control capability for external alarm and devices to operate at the same time as the load control and LVD of the charge controller .

7 day Ampere Hour records

Remote battery temperature sensor

Remote battery voltage sensing

USB charging port for charging portable electronic devices