CPC-9140 (OLED)


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A full digital charger designed for fast, safe and complete charge of deep cycle batteries in recreational vehicles. The two position Organic Light Emitting Diode(OLED) displays graphical charging status, voltage, current, ampere hours, all operational graphs, icons and programmed settings. This OLED display shows crispy, sharp, bright image without back light. It is the same type of display used in most smart phones. There are 6 battery types, 5 max charging current, and a power supply mode .The 5 selective maximum charging current allows a more optimal charging for a wider range of battery capacity. There are 5 possible adaptive charging stages which works according to selected battery type and the discharged state of the battery. An energy saving standby mode with auto recycle charge makes it ideal for permanent connection and RV in storage. This charger is equipped with sockets for battery temperature sensor, remote voltage sensing, remote control indicator. Functional selection and set up of the charger are easily done with two buttons and following the steps shown at the OLED Display. The extensive software and hardware protections to ensure a long service life of the charger and battery banks even in harsh operating environments. The charger will decrease output current at high operation temperature until the final over temperature protection triggers. It has a wider AC input voltage range with over and under voltage protections which makes it tolerant to poor AC source

Micro Processor based 5 Stage Adaptive charging for 6 types of deep cycle battery.

Energy Conservation Standby Mode with periodic refreshing cycle charge to ensure battery in good working condition.

OLED scrolling displays of charging current, voltage, Ampere hour into battery, charge status chart.

OLED displays program steps, max output current, battery type and fault diagnosis.

OLED display can be set at vertical or horizontal position.

Remote Battery Voltage Sensing for fast & accurate charging distant battery.

Remote Battery Temperature Sensor to ensure correct charging voltage and prevent thermal runaway of battery.

Remote Control Indicator for battery voltage, charging stage indications and manual switching of charge stage to Float or Bulk.

Extensive hardware and software based protections.

Thermal decrease of charging current under high operating temperature.

Over and under voltage protection make unit more tolerant to unstable AC source.

Power Supply Mode.

These 2 accessories are supplied with 40Amp CPC-9140 models only