About Us


Manson Engineering Industrial


Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd was incorporated in 1983 as an engineering company to supply dc power supplies and other production equipment to the electronic and electrical manufacturers in Hong Kong. Since then, Manson has become manufacturer specializing in Power Electronic Products.


designs and manufactures

Laboratory Grade Power Supplies

DC- DC Converters

Remote Programmable Power Supplies

PV Charge Controllers

General Purpose Power Supplies

Lead Acid Battery Chargers

Fixed Voltage Power Supplies

Power Transformers and PCB assemblies

We have a wide range of power supplies that cover, telecommunication, laboratory, education, R&D, production, security, field service, and other general purpose applications.

Our battery chargers are used for cars, caravans, golf carts, standby generators and other battery powered equipment.

Manson's products comply with major international Safety and EMC standards. With 30 years of solid experience in production, quality control and research & development, our products have evolved with the advances in power electronic technology.

Most of our new products are integrated with micro-controllers and various computer interfaces. This merging of programmable digital control with power electronics make our products more versatile and adaptable to various applications.

Safety and Reliability are the two key factors in the making of our products from concept to production. We do not compromise our high quality standard in quality control or in the selection of components for price competition.